Photo by @heavybutlite

As someone who loves weed that provides an uplifting boost, if there is one observation I have noticed buying weed in Chicago, it is that most strains tend to lean on the heavy-handed side. The Midwest certainly loves their OGs and anything that will put them on their ass. All of this is great, but as I get older, the more I find myself appreciating any strain that can give me a natural energy boost to get me through the workday or feel comfortable in social settings. Enter Tres Leches.

Tres Leches was gifted to me by the good homies over at Black Hippy Farms in form of an 8th plus a perfectly hand-rolled joint by Fino & Co. And let me tell you that this specific joint in this specific moment felt like a godsend because I had previously been struggling with feelings of lethargy and sleepiness in the middle of the day. When I say I went from struggling to keep my eyes open and dozing off to suddenly feeling an espresso-like jolt run through my body, I’m not exaggerating. It was potent without ever being overwhelming. Holding conversations became easier, focusing on chores became fun, and ideas became more creative.

The terpene profiles I tasted on the other hand consisted of smooth cream and vanilla notes on the inhale with gas on the exhale, exquisite smoke even for a connoisseur’s palate. Tres Leches may be named after the famous Latin dessert, but ironically I really enjoyed smoking it as a wake-n-bake to get my day started on the right.

Tuesday Jan 30 2024