When Midwest Kids Connect: BHF x @Michigrown Photo by Jordan Esparza (@heavybutlite)

Long time no smoke, Black Hippy Fam! It’s been a minute since our last strain review, but not without good reason. The Tribe took a road trip to Michigan at the end of last month and connected with some really great cultivators. So we appreciate your patience as we switch things a bit. Instead of reviewing our latest strains, the next few reviews are going to be centered on flavors from the friends we made during our recent travels.

Jobstopper (19.8% THC)

The first strain up to bat is Jobstopper from the homies over at Muskegon-based cultivator Michigrown. This flavor is a collaboration with renowned Cannabis Lifestyle brand The Smoker’s Club, and is a cross between Kosher Kush and Bacio Gelato that promises to slow you down. The trip back home from Michigan is a decent little trek, so I knew I had to roll up a decent amount for the road. Luckily I had some zackwood leaves on me. To the uninitiated, zackwoods are similar to any other tobacco leaf wraps, except the difference in purity and quality of the leaf allows for much smoother pulls in a way that I find more comparable to joints than blunts.

After rolling a fatty, we hit the road and I sparked up as a passenger. Sure enough, the zackwood helped compliment the terpenes from the weed, as I detected strong piney flavors with notes of mint, which combined with the tobacco gave it a nice menthol finish. Even the homie who I was riding with noted that the scent smelled less like bud and more like pine trees.

In terms of bodily effects, Jobstopper definitely earned its name because it will stop you dead in your tracks! I felt the sensation of muscle relaxation come in waves as I smoked, with the full effects of drowsiness hitting me well after finishing the blunt. This helped ease any tension I had and allowed me to catch up on some much-needed R&R on the way back home. For the first week I was back in Chicago, I used it as a sleep aid every night making it the ideal late-night strain for bed or just a restful day off work.

  • Flavor- Pinewood, mint, menthol
  • Effects- Relaxed, sleepy, stress relief
  • On-set: 15-20 minutes

Tuesday Jan 30 2024