@boldyjames enjoying a premium roll. Photo by Jordan Esparza (@heavybutlite)

Tropicana Cookies x Z Resin Donut Pre-Roll (28.93% THC)

Other than packs of flower, our friends at Michigrown also provided some incredible donut pre-rolls they collabed with fellow Michigan cultivator Rkive Reserve. Unlike typical dispensary pre-rolls packed with shake, this bad boy is practically a cigar comprised of two grams of top-shelf flower with a half gram of hash rosin in the middle. If you look at the joint from the burnt end as you’re smoking, you’ll notice a hole right in the middle of it left by the resin, hence the donut name.

I saved one pre-roll for my birthday, and to celebrate, I decided to dedicate the first half of my day to finishing my annual rewatch of my favorite show Cowboy Bebop before seeing my family. I really wanted to savor this pre-roll so I only took a few hits at a time. The terps from the Tropicana Cookies exploded with a fruity, juicy citrus flavor comparable to Tang. Before I felt my body glue itself onto my couch.

Even just taking a couple of hits will get you right, which is probably why the label on the container calls this a crowd-pleaser meant to be shared in groups. By the time I was finished watching Bebop, I still had a sizable roach to finish and by the time I was done with that, I was just gone the rest of the day. I felt the effects lingering throughout my mind and body for a smooth 8 hours, earning this pre-roll status as a certified Smoker, not a Joker.

  • Flavor: Orange juice, sour, Tang
  • Effects: Couch locked, euphoria, happy
  • On-Set: ~5 min

Tuesday Jan 30 2024