Photo by Jordan Esparza (@heavybutlite)

Gmac (27.54% THC)

New month, new flavors and for November we’re starting off strong with Gmac. Emphasis on the strong because off bat, this one put me in a chokehold. After plans for my day got canceled at the last minute, I took it as a sign to stay in, try these new strains, and relax- something I haven’t done enough for myself lately with my recent workload. This is where Gmac felt like a godsend.

Taking advantage of this newfound free time, I rolled up a nice little baseball bat to get myself ready for the World Series game that was playing. “No better way to unwind,” I thought. In less than ten minutes of the first inhale, a sensation of ease trickled from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet like a gentle waterfall. It was like the ultimate muscle relaxer. My body had been aching with soreness throughout the last two weeks from an increased workload, but just like that was alleviated in a fluid fashion.

Even as I melted into the couchlock position, my mind remained sharp to follow the World Series game and engage in conversation. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that the drowsiness started to kick in and I struggled to keep my eyes open past the seventh inning. One moment I was watching the game, and the next wake up I woke up confused as hell to see the Astros on the field celebrating. In short, the weed was so good that it made me miss the last two innings of my favorite sport until the season starts again next year, and you know what? I’m not even mad about it.

  • Flavor: diesel, sour, earthy
  • Effects: Relaxed, pain relief, uplifted
  • On-set: 5-10 minutes

Roast Beef (26.59% THC)

As we transition from warm summer days to brisk autumnal weather, opting to stay indoors for smoke sessions becomes increasingly enticing. So on a sluggish and rainy afternoon, I pulled up on the homie to match.

Eager to try the Roast Beef, we rolled a couple of joints and got to work. In terms of the high itself, Roast Beef delivered a serious head high perfect for those days you just wanna shut off any brain cells and vibe.  That’s exactly what I and the homie did just enjoying some underground hip-hop on youtube. The terpenes of this strain were rich with a garlicky scent with a flavor profile so pungent and savory, that the best descriptor I could use was umami– the Japanese word used to describe the fifth basic taste that is typically triggered by meats and broths.

While I struggled to articulate the exact flavor I was detecting so that I could put a similarity to it for this review, the homie that I was smoking found exactly what it was by saying “This taste exactly like Fritos.” It was hard to disagree so that’s what we’re rolling with.

  • Flavor- pungent, garlic, Fritos
  • Effects- Dopey, blissful, euphoric
  • On-set- >5 minutes

Tuesday Jan 30 2024