Photo Credits: @heavybutlite

If there was one thing I can say I observed about the Cali market compared to illinois, it’s that I found many old school strains that are typically hard to come by to be in much more abundance here. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Cali is considered the Mecca of American weed culture, so there is more appreciation for that traditional spicy herbal flavor than the candy and gas terps that saturate the market today. This is how I came across an unassuming 8th of Thai Spice at Haven dispensary in Long Beach.

Priced at an extremely modest $15 before tax, the budtender advised me that if I was looking for the best bang for my buck, then the Feelz brand would be the way to go since they specialize in outdoor grown flower, which is generally regarded as being of lesser quality than indoor since the environment isn’t as controlled. The budtender said it will certainly get I high, but I might need to pack a little extra before I feel anything. Luckily for me, smoking more weed is never a problem for me.

People tend to sleep on sun-grown flower because it usually lacks bag appeal in favor of something much more aesthetically pleasing. Thai Spice certainly wasn’t a looker, as the buds were smaller, but some of the best stuff I’ve ever smoked was ugly homegrown flower, so I don’t discriminate. I packed a couple king size cones and man, oh man. My expectations might’ve been low, but I came out of the experience feeling really high.

I felt an extremely strong headband sensation form around my head that would then reverberate throughout my entire body. Soon after, the giggles kicked in as me and the homie I was smoking with both started laughing out ass off to the point of tears, but I couldn’t even remember what it was that we were laughing at. Every few minutes, one of us would just utter “man I’m fucking high” just reaffirming that this pack was a heavy hitter despite its price point. Even with our high tolerances, we exceeded well-past the point of our thresholds of operating like a normal human while high to being straight up stoned to the bone.

If I’m being completely honest, I enjoyed this pack more than the top-shelf indoor grown 8th that I also purchased from Haven that day despite it being more than triple the price. If you ever to find yourself balling on a budget in California, be sure to pick up some Thai Spice to get you right.

Tuesday Jan 30 2024